Advanced Motion Platform; Fly, Ride, Drive

We are a unique R&D projet developing innovative motion technology. The unique hybrid linear motor delivers unparalleled motion fidelity. The combination of a low cost motion platform with the latest PC simulation technology has created a new generation of training possibilities. Specification: Custom hybrid linear motors & control chip. Power supply: 240/220v 13amp Pitch: +/- 12.5 degrees Roll: +/- 12.5 degrees Vertical:100mm. Load:280lbs/150 kg. Interface:USB or CAN. Position:60 commands per second. For further enquiry's Email: The base runs from a standard domestic power supply. and simply Connects to the PC via USB cable. A strong performer capable of moving a 150kg payload at 1m/sec with 1g acceleration and developing 300N thrust. Capable of very high fidelity motion faithfully reproducing the vibration of helicopter blades, or an uneven gravel track but also faithfully capturing the smooth turns and graceful flight. The base is also fully compatible with Showscan theatre software and existing motion files.